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And now I’m bringing you all my experience in this short “ Kick Up The Bum” Package.

  • Do you want to smooth out the Muffin Top and zap the Bingo Wings?
  • Have you been getting frustrated weight loss doesn’t work for you?
  • Feel like you’re stuck in a spiral of yo-yoing, and you’re just a failure?

  • Short of “me-time” - always too busy with work and family to spend effort on yourself?
  • Just feel tired all the time so exercise feels hard?

  • You know what to do to lose weight … but you just don’t do it?

Well this is the missing link. It’s where everything can change.

This is new … and it’s the Kick up the BUM that you say you need!

I am Noelle Watson, Personal Trainer.  I specialise in helping women 40+ lose weight, tone up and have more energy in their lives. I take people from feeling like a failure, to looking and feeling Fabulous!    And I can do that for you too …. in just 6 weeks.

Lose up to 1 Stone in 6 weeks.

I make it easy and give the EXACT steps that all my top Personal Training clients get. This isn’t theory – it works.

The Missing Link for Weight Loss.

If you’ve been trying the Gym, Classes or Slimming Clubs and it hasn’t worked, then try this.

It’s a Kick Up the Bum!

We start gently and build up. I give you a framework to stick to.

It’s an Eating Plan.

I tell you what to eat and what not to eat with a structured 28 Day Eating Plan and a brilliant Recipe Book that really does work wonders.

It’s a Motivational Masterpiece.

I tell you what to THINK. Here we tap into what’s really been holding you back. We get that Mojo in great shape, with motivational mantras and light bulb moments!

Overcome Emotional Eating ….

and lots of other problems areas too.

Just 30 minutes max, every week.

You can break that down into 3 x 10 mins if you want. You can even listen whilst you’re doing other things. Its easy. There’s no overwhelm. You follow the steps. And feel better fast.

First Week is completely FREE.

Try this before you buy it. See how quickly it will help you lose weight and feel fabulous.

So you have absolutely nothing to lose!

Stop waiting. No more excuses. Just dive in with everything right now and I will see you there!

"The 28 Day Eating Plan is just what I needed. No diet just healthy eating. I'm enjoying all the meals.
I've lost 22 pounds in 3 months and dropped to a size 12.
Thank you so much."


"I wanted to do something for myself. I thought this is your time, you gotta do it. I’m fed up with doctors telling me that my medication will mean I gain weight. I’ve lost 5 inches from my waist and 6 from my boobs."


"A year ago I contacted this amazing lady who helped me to changed my life. Today I am 2 stones lighter and eating much better than I ever have, although I still don’t like veg!!! Noelle is amazing but she’s not a miracle worker. "


"Noelle’s Online Package is very do-able. I am highly delighted with the results at week 5"


"I've just lost 6lbs in a week, working with The Feeling Fabulous online package "


I am pleased to report a very focused mind and a 12lb weight loss. I didn’t do measurements as I’ve not been able to exercise as much as I wanted but still ploughing on, going back home to walk the dog. However, my work trousers keep falling off my hips and I can actually take them off without undoing them. Oh dear what an awful problem to have  (Susie)


Since joining Feeling Fabulous Online on the 5th January I have lost 10lbs and 4 and a half inches off my body eating tasty homemade food from the fantastic recipe book. I am feeling fitter and stronger as I am walking at least a mile during my lunch break and at least 3 miles on the weekend.  (Eleri)


 I’ve lost 6.5 lbs in 2 weeks!!! I  (Tracey)


The buddy scheme is huge part of this programme. This week my buddy Jenny helped me enormously when I was feeling quite down as I had stayed the same weight. She was great and made me feel good about myself. (Judi)

Here Is What You Get When You Get Started Today...

Week #1

Setting the Scene for Weight Loss. The Bottom Line that always works

Week #2

Do you have this Syndrome? Overcoming Emotional Eating. The Rules of Eating.

Week #3

How to Get Great Sleep. Eating for Energy. The Big Mojo Question.

Week #4

Exercise Myth Buster. Portion Distortion

Week #5

How much Exercise is Enough? Flat Tyre Syndrome? Best Weight Loss Advice Ever

Week #6

Fighting the Weight Loss Plateau. Make sure you do This One Thing!

Just £129 One time payment