Feeling Fabulous Online

Real Weight-Loss of Ladies Over 50

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The Feeling Fabulous Online Program is all about helping you to get started with health and fitness …. and actually DO what you know you should be doing.

This program includes Weight Loss strategies that you can begin to implement immediately, without feeling overwhelmed. It contains everything you need to know to lose 1 stone easily, break free from Diets, and get your Mojo back.  Your comprehensive 6-week Program is your guide to getting started, and keeping you going to make you both happier and healthier forever.

  • 1. You’ll get access to an expert (me!) who will tell you exactly what to do to make your Weight Loss a Success. Someone who has the specialised knowledge and experience to help you through your weight loss journey, so you don’t have to go through this all by yourself.
  • 2. The best results come from being with people who are on the same journey as yourself! You will get access to our Free Facebook community with the special bonus of an assigned accountability partner! This is also where you can share ideas and get 24/7 support from me.
  • 3. As part of the program we run Q&A’s (question and answer sessions). This gives you the opportunity to get extra support, answers and solutions to any issues you may be having to help keep you on track!
  • 4. FREE BONUS - 100 days of Mojo mail (an incredible effective tool to start your day right!)
  • 5. A Kickstart Eating Plan for the first 28 Days and a brilliant little 106 page Recipe Book that will become your bible.

All of this for a ONE TIME payment of £129